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    Processing on CF 9.0.0

    plarts Level 1

      I wrote a process in Coldfusion treating more than 2000 Excel lines
      - conversion to Access DB (using cfspeadsheet)
      - deleting bad lines (cfloop)
      - deleting again bad lines against an other DB (cfloop)
      - then extracting suspect lines to transfer them a a new table (cfloop)
      - then building a new table with the remaining good lines. (cfloop)

      I built this on a local machine : Windows 7 (32bits) with CF9.0.2
      It does work perfectly in 16 minutes.


      I said to my client, I does work.


      Then I upload this to my server : Windows 2008 server and CF 9.0.0 (64bits)
      And then a lot of problems :
      - cfspeadsheet does not work the same :
        it does nor recognize "excludehearrrow" ,
        it add double quotes in some fields.
        I modify my programs to get a solution to these.
      - the CFflush does not work the same, it does not display data after the 1st loop.
      - The process time is much more monger on the server (for a limited rows, 800)
      - When running with all rows, it never ends on the server (no error message)
        Then a page (page cannot be displayed), access DB remain with a lock.
        I have to stop/start the CF server to unloak.


      Very desapointed. I will have to say to the client, IMPOSSIBLE.
      Or set up a PC at your home.
      Why working perfectly on the local environnement ?


      Any suggestion, help will be welcome.


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          plarts Level 1

          As I cannot edit my message, I make a first reply :

          While processing, other sites have difficulties to access the datasource.

          Error messages received : (even if it is bots,same for humans)


          Date : 14-mai-2014  14:24:18
          Erreur sur page :
          Query string :
          Diagnostic :
          Error Executing Database Query. Timed out trying to establish connection
          The error occurred on line 205.
          IP adresse :
          Visiteur non loggué.
          Provenance (http_referer) :

          Navigateur : Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +http://www.google.com/bot.html)

          Any idea, how to prevent this ? Is this a server parameters question ?

          Thanks for any help.



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            Anit_Kumar Adobe Employee

            Hi Pierre,


            It seems from the description, that the change from 32-bit to 64-bit has caused some unexpected behavior. Check the access and permissions on the file system and DB. Try to verify the datasources and see if that helps.


            Also, did you look at the ColdFusion logs. There should be entries for all the exceptions.



            Anit Kumar

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              Carl Von Stetten Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Just a tip for the future - whenever possible, develop on the same platform (OS / 32- vs 64-bit / CF version) as your production environment.  That way you find these kinds of incompatibility issues before you deploy to production.  Your development environment is CF 9.0.2 while production is at 9.0.0.  You should update/patch your production server to at least 9.0.1 and to Cumulative HotFix (CHF) 4.  Take a look at Charlie Arehart's blog post for some great information on how to go about doing this.  This will put you closer to parity with your development environment, and will fix a number of security-related and other issues.


              As Anit suggested, it's probably down to the 32-bit/64-bit differences, especially if you are using ODBC connections to MS Access (and the query errors seem to indicate you are).  Getting Access working on 64-bit platforms is a real PITA.  You might consider switching to a "real" RDBMS such as MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition (both free) as they are infinitely easier to get working with 64-bit ColdFusion.


              Good luck,

              -Carl V.

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                plarts Level 1

                Thanks for help.


                If I loop on limited rows (exemple : 1200)

                It works (But other sites have exceeded time to access the datasource)


                If I loop on all rows (more than 2000) it never ends. i have later "page cannot be displayed"

                and finished with a lock on all mdb files (used by the process).


                The datasources are OK.

                access and permissions are OK because all is working with small amount of rows.


                Thanks for any help.

                could it be a CF9 problem ?

                or 32/64 bits problem ?

                or Server/iis7 problem ?


                Does work fine on local.



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                  plarts Level 1

                  Thanks for your advise,

                  i fully agree for same environment,

                  I would LOVE to get back to 32bits.

                  but if so, I need to rebuy all software.

                  I have been told that 64bits is better when I bought it.

                  Now it is a big regreat.


                  Also, I am  VERY VERY  afraid to upgrade CF9

                  but I will think to it and review Charlies's blog.


                  Thanks for any other idea.


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                    plarts Level 1

                    I add these comments :

                    i live in FRANCE, and Adobe here, does not know that Coldfusion exists.


                    I think about buying CF11, but I need a 64bits.

                    I did not find any help in France to make sure it exists and it is reliable.

                    Ensuring that all actual environement will still work.

                    Some custom tags (as Efflare, no time to come to CFimage for old sites)

                    Nothing will change with Verity as it is today ?

                    No thing to change with Access datasources (around 60 datasources)


                    I hope you understand a user questionning.

                    Thanks for all.


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                      Carl Von Stetten Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                      The 64-bit version of ColdFusion will generally perform better, as it potentially has access to a larger JVM memory pool (the practical limit of a 32-bit JVM memory pool is about 1.4 GB vs. a virtually unlimited pool with 64-bit), and 64-bit OS environments can access larger amounts of physical memory as well.


                      As to moving to the latest version of ColdFusion, your mileage may vary.  Keep in mind that CF9.0.1 was the last release to include Verity.  It has been replaced with SOLR in CF9.0.2, CF10 and CF11.  Judging by the numerous threads in this forum, the CF-Talk list, and various blogs posts around the Interwebs, I think getting Access to work with 64-bit CF10 or CF11 is more of a challenge than it was with CF9.  Again, as I and others have stated repeatedly on this forum, whenever possible STOP using MS Access with production systems.  MS Access is not designed for high-multi-user web applications.  Use a real RDBMS like MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server Express.


                      Since CF11 just was release a few weeks ago, I'd be hesitant to rush into production with it at least until the first few updates are released.  You may be able to purchase CF11 and get Adobe to give you a license key for CF10 in the short term.  I'd send an email to cf.install@adobe.com to see if that is possible.

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                        plarts Level 1

                        I understand well,

                        but this is too much work to abandon Verity and Access
                        I have too many sites and clients based on verity and Access.

                        If I started today, yes I would do it, but I started in 2003.


                        Thanks, any advise to move to a CF newer version is welcome.


                        I will think of buying a new server 32bits to place all new staff.



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                          Carl Von Stetten Adobe Community Professional & MVP



                          Keep in mind that you can run a 32-bit version of ColdFusion on a 64-bit OS platform, but your JVM memory pool will still be limited to around 1.4GB, regardless of how much physical memory is available.  So don't be afraid to run a newer 64-bit OS on your server (other than potential CF9 / IIS-connector incompatibilities on the newest OS's). Running 32-bit CF may alleviate some of the pain points of moving to a newer CF version.


                          However, Adobe will discontinue core support and updates for CF9 at the end of this year.  So you should be planning to upgrade to a newer (and more secure) version anyway.  Verity is gone for good - at some point you will have to make the jump to SOLR.  Start making a gradual transition to CF10/11 and SOLR now.  In fact, CF9.0 (9.0.1) came with both Verity and SOLR, so you can migrate your Verity collections over to SOLR now (if I recall correctly, there are tools built into CF9 to do this).  Also, your development environment on CF9.0.2 doesn't have Verity in it, so how are you doing development with search anyway?  You must be using SOLR on that, right?


                          -Carl V.