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    found invalid html file ??

    HKabaker Level 2
      For WebHelp text popup boxes, early versions of RH stored the text in the topic.

      Since RH5X, maybe earlier, RH generates small html files with file names like this:


      The popup JavaScript in the topic refers to the appropriate text file.

      That works fine.

      When generating WebHelp, RH6 logs a warning line:

      Warning: found invalid html file Topicfilename_text0.htm for webhelp.
      Warning: found invalid html file Topicfilename_text1.htm for webhelp.

      and so on. I thought perhaps I had inadvertently imported some of these output files into the project, or mistakenly put them into the project source folder. But I didn't find them there, only in the output.

      So it appears that RH is generating valid output files, putting these "invalid" files in the output folder, and warning about them in the Output pane.

      No harm done here, of course. But I hadn't noticed this before now.