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    IDCC saying pages are blank when trying to print


      Ok, so I've had this kind of problem before, and I've followed all the advice I'd found about it before, and still can't get it to work. Essentially, I'm trying to print out a flood-filled page for being printed over on an offset press. There are two layers on the page, one which contains the offset press impression, and one which contains the flood. I've hidden the offset press' layer, and am trying to print nothing but the flood. When I do, IDCC tells me that the page is blank. I checked the object attributes for the flood fill object, and it had nonprinting UNchecked. I checked the layer attributes, and it had "printing" checked. So I swapped the object nonprinting attribute on and then off to force ID to change the state of the object. I did the same with the layer's printing attribute. Same problem, so I saved to and then opened from an IDML file to try dealing with any corruption in the file. No luck, it's still saying the page is blank. (overprint preview and the page icons in the pages pane both show the proper flood fill)


      Could someone please help? I'm almost sure it's something stupid I'm doing.