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    Creative Cloud Log in problem


      When I log in online I have no problems, when I log into creative cloud app it's tells me I have been logged out. I'm using windows 8.1 latest and have tried to reinstall but no luck logging in. Any suggestions?

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          Eshant_Jindal JapanEmployeeModerator

          Hi Fitzhostcod,


          Please perform the steps below mentioned.


          1: Open Activity monitor from spotlight and end all Adobe related processes. You may find processes like AAMupdater, AAMupdater notifier, Adobe Crash demon process.

          2: Open a Finder window, select Go>Go to folder option, type in ~/Library and hit enter.

          3: Now navigate to Application Support/Adobe/OOBE/.. folder.

          4: Delete opm file under OOBE.

          5: Rename OOBE to OOBEold.

          6: Check if you have AAMupdater in the same location.

          7: Please rename it to AAMupdaterold.

          8: Click on gear icon on Creative Cloud desktop app and choose Quit Creative Cloud.

          9: Then launch it, sign-in and click on Apps tab.


          You can also contact our Adobe Support : Adobe - Contact Support – Download and Installation


          Let me know if it helps.




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            FitzGhostcod Level 1

            In the task manager I stopped all the Adobe apps and then the services and restarted the Adobe Services and now it works. Thanks ..