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    FormsCentral, email response verification


      We are going to use Adobe FormsCentral form to sign a customer up for E-statements, once the customer has filled out the form and submitted it, they will receive an email. Can we track who has received, opened this email? Also, is there a way to include a link for them to verify that they received the email and therefore agree to signing up?


      I also thought of doing this with some coding possibly, where they click the link to verify and then that pulls up a page saying thanks for verifying. But I need a way to capture who has completed this action.


      Any thoughts would be appreciated

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          It's possible to include a link in the email message. You may simply modify the email content in Options -> Email Receipts. As for how to find out who the email is sent to, one way is from the response table, since the email is sent out to email address the user fills out in the form, but I don't think you could get that information programmatically. I don' t have any good suggestion either.