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    Creative Cloud deleted our 112 page magazine!


      Design team working with the cloud for the first time need help. All 112 page magazine indesign/photoshop files and 90% of the magazine content and images (separate folder) deleted from the cloud and the local MAC folders. The remaining 10% word/pages docs have been converted to .jpg.


      It seemed to happen when a new license was accepted by a freelance designer. We had a support guy from Adobe remote desktop into the MAC yesterday but he could't work out what was wrong. He's passed it onto an expert who will be in contact with-in 72 hours? It's a good job we had only spent one full day designing and not a day before going to print. It's possible one MAC was uploading to the contents folder/syncing with the cloud whilst the freelance designer MAC was syncing/downloading around 1GB of files. Perhaps it was overloaded? But where are the files, and why delete anything without asking?


      1.6Gb out of 100GB allowance used! The Archive only has the content and images folder with around 90% deleted. This is around 528MB. Where have our files gone?

      Thankfully we did make a back-up yesterday.