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    Changing the Margin

    PCreater Level 1

      I've to change the margin but the text box don't change according to new margin. The way of I'm doing is

      Go to master page and change the margin in margin and column dialog box under layout menu. The option enable layout adjustment does not effect.

      When change the margin in dialog box it seems this working because the visible column and text box change size according to margin. But after back to the normal document the text box's stay remain on it's position but new column shows which changed recently after changing the margin. Why this is happening?

      Additionally there is nothing in my document except text frames and all text frames are connected.

      And when I create a document I checked the box primary text box.

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          PCreater Level 1

          Wow 2 days ago I asked the question and till today I didn't get any single response.

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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            Did you really enable layout adjustment BEFORE you changed the margins? Had you made any changes tot he text frames other than adding the text?

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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
              1. You have to align all objects to the margins.
              2. You have to activate layout adjustment before making changes.


              Layout adjustment IS NOT compatible with Liquid Layout activated. If you have activated LL, you have to set up LL rules before.


              2 days no answer? Adobe's server has been not accessible for the most time in the last view days. It was always open for a view moments and it was not sure how long it lasted.

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                PCreater Level 1

                Yeah I really check the box of layout adjustment and I didn't enable Liquid Layout.

                Okay lets start from beginning. I try on several documents but it didn't work on any single document. Is there problem in my ID or am I doing in wrong way.

                My way is go to master page and change the margin, with the preview on I can see the document is changed but it doesn't look like original document. I mean it looks like ID set the new margin and leave one. Because I can see more text boxes with different sizes.

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                  Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                  Are you able to show us a screen shot of the pages which are not adjusted?

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                    PCreater Level 1

                    Actually the file is not available right now because I'am at home I'll attach the indd file at morning.

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                      Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant


                      I have it tested:

                      1. I have activated the Layout Adjustment
                      2. I have selected the master spread
                      3. Changed the margin
                      4. Layout was adjusted frames where changed.



                      But I detected some other problems, I would solve in your place:

                      1. On the running header on the master you used a right tabulator stop and a tabulator for the right align. I would strongly recommend not to do so. When you change the margin, you have to do a second step, where you have to adjust the paragraph style. Use a right intend tabulator (Shift+Tab) without an additional tabulator step. This will align the text after the item to the right of the line.
                      2. You used an "E" as placeholder for the letter on the master. It will cause you to override the master later on each page. But overrides on the master are to be avoided as far as possible. Better would be a text variable based on a character style, if only one letter or on a paragraph style, if the whole first entry is used.
                      3. Please use a dedicated paragraph style for your running header. No text formatting without styles!
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                        PCreater Level 1

                        Thanks Willii for helpful tips. You told use variable for running headers. I'm also using a variables for running headers by picking the character styles. The problem I'm facing is on the running header variable also picks the bullets and hyphen because its also has the character style. The character styles I applied is through nested styles. I don't want to show the bullets and hyphen in running header. Have you any idea for that particular problem.

                        I apply the different character styles on the bullets and hyphen but it doesn't effect on variables.

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                          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                          I know, that often nested styles and bullets cause problems here. You could run at the end a GREP Find & Replace to put a Character Style upon the text. Important is only, that you need not to override masters.