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    Loading external movies

    NogginAnimations Level 1
      I've been trying for ages!
      I just want a simple Actionscript 2.0 code that works with Flash 8 that loads a movie from an URL and shows it.
      How can I do this?
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          Sketchsta Level 1
          You'll need an EMBED code for that.

          if you create a FLA and Publish it as HTML, that will create a HTML file ready for use, which includes an EMBED code.

          Simply study that code and edit it for your own use, or just change the URL of the file being played.

          for example, the file bing playd is the file you have just created, lets call it movie.swf.

          in the HTML code, locate the 2 places where movie.swf is being called, and change it wit the URL of the movie you want to Stream froma server.
          something like...


          hope that helps.