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    Using the SDK

    jcarruth@earthlink.net Level 1
      In the Lynda.com title, "ActionScript 3.0 in Flex Builder Essential Training" by Joey Lott, he says that you don't need Flex 2 to build and compile applications using ActionScript 3.0, and that the free SDK from Adobe will work just fine. So, not having a copy of Flex 2, I download the SDK and try to follow along in the video tutorials. There is no editor/complier that comes in the SDK (at least not for Macintosh) and no further explanation on how I am to use the SDK to follow along in the video title's exercises.

      Here is where I become COMPLETELY lost. I am told I can do something, but then am given no instructions whatsover as to how to do this. It is assumed that I already know how to do this. I do not know how to do this, nor do I know how or where to get instructions to use the SDK so that I might follow along. Does the SDK even work on a Mac? How do I access the editor/compiler? I see a bunch of .exe files in there, but of course, those don't work on a Mac. Help! Any ideas? Even a "you're just sh-- out of luck" would be more of a clue than I currently have.

      Jim Carruth
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          Dzihan Level 1
          maybe you should start following the flex tutorials / examples on adobe.com. After that sue Lynda.com!
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            jcarruth@earthlink.net Level 1

            So far, this is all I could find in the way of instructions on the Adobe site:

            "The Adobe® Flex™ 2 Software Development Kit (SDK) includes the Flex framework (component class library) and Flex compiler, enabling you to freely develop and deploy Flex applications using an IDE of your choice."

            Downloaded the SDK. Can't find the framework, can't find the compiler, can't find any instructions. Does it even work on the Mac? There's Flash Player 9 standalone and browser installer, and that's it. Is this the compiler and framework? What's an IDE of your choice - that mean I still gotta buy Flex2, or can I use BBEdit or something?

            Clueless in Pasadena
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              VarioPegged Level 2
              Did you even look at the readme file that's included with the SDK? From the tone of your posts I'd venture to say, no. You sound like you're entitled to all kinds of stuff from Adobe. The SDK is FREE software and will require you to bring some know-how to the table:
              Like being able to open the readme.htm file to see that it addresses all your concerns.
              Like being able to search for "flex 2 sdk"," documentation" on Google, when all else fails, or you can't find the readme file.
              Like knowing how to use Terminal.
              Like getting your own text editor, even TextEdit will work if you absolutely refuse to spend any money.

              It's all there.
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                The SDK works fine on Mac. You can use any text editor, including TextEdit or BBEdit to type in the code. The only thing you can't do with the SDK that you can do with Flex Builder is to lay out the components visually. You'll have to figure out the coordinates yourself, but it's not too difficult.

                You have to have some familiarity with a command line in order to compile your application. Adobe has a quick start tutorial that shows how to compile a simple application using the command line:


                There are other tutorials out there if you just Google them.

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                  jcarruth@earthlink.net Level 1
                  No VarioPegged, I am not entitled, just a newbie to ActionScript 3.0. Yes, I've read the readme. No, I don't know how to use the terminal. Yes, I have BBEdit. I'll try not to ask anymore stupid questions and stay out of your hair from now on. Sorry, I didn't see the "no newbies allowed sign." Thanks for putting one up for me.

                  Thanks, donarbxc for the link. Most helpful.