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    After Effects - CC Vector Blur and  Fractal Noise Rendering Issue CS3




      I am using After Effects for animation. I have drawn everything in Illustrator, imported into AE and added some effects like CC Vector Blur and Fractal Noise to generate water-like textures.


      My problem: when I render as an image sequence (or video, or PSD), I don't get the effect. I'm assuming I don't have it properly set up for rendering and I am wondering how I can fix this. 


      I have precomposed water layers (which are three different layers; a blue solid overlay; and two masked layers with added effects) and added motion blur. Given this is the problematic area, I am also assuming this is where the problem is.


      Any advice! Or else I'm screen shot-ing every frame.......ugghh.



      Intel core 2 duo, E8400 @ 3 GHz, RAM 4 GB, 32-bit

      1366 x 768 resolution

      windows 7, service pack 1

      (other specs can be provided, just be specific)


      final png rendered:Test2 01.jpg