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    2 sided brochure in InDesign


      Novice Question ... If the outside of a brochure is the return address and where you would put your address label, would you back the inside up head to head or head to foot?  My problem is wanting to make sure when it is tri-folded the open ends where they would tab it is at the top and the folded part is at the bottom.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Take a piece of paper and fold it.




          Now grab a pen and start outlining what goes where.




          Follow that as a guide in InDesign.

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            Sasha7 Level 1

            I have both sides laid out and ready to print.  My question is should I have the printer print it head to head or head to foot.  How would you have it printed. Is there a proper way?

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              Daniel Flavin Level 4

              I thought Bob's answer would handle that.

              The "Printer" - A peripheral device for output or a guy who (should) know what he's doing?


              Most brochures are Portrait reading. Head to head such that when you unfold everything is right reading as the panels open. If the opened interior is landscape plenty of discussions arise as to which way to rotate; there is no definitive answer.


              You might have the outer back panel rotated 90 degrees for address info. The post office would want the tabs at the top when reading, folded edge to the bottom.