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    InDesign and Kindle creations for authors


      I can no longer make Kindles on InDesign. I'm not good at HTML and struggle over it. Thus, I've depended upon InDesign to create e-books for me. I suspect that there are many other authors in my position, and the Kindlepreviewer cannot read epubs, nor can they be downloaded into a Kindleviewer.


      Now that Adobe has developed newer versions of their software, its InDesign versions are no longer compatible to Amazon's plugin that creates Kindles. Although Adobe says that they will download InDesign CS6, providing that we give them its serial number, I can't find my Creative Suite disks, because I was living overseas for several years and had them in storage. Further, the person who had installed the Creative Suite for me (he did this during my visit to the US), he failed to register the software with Adobe, so Adobe has no records of my owning it.


      MY MAIN PROBLEM IS: I can no longer convert my manuscripts into Kindles, because of the changes in InDesign. I've written to Adobe about this, and I was told that unfortunately, Amazon has not updated their Kindle plugin for the newer InDesign models.


      I DON'T THINK THAT AMAZON SHOULD UPDATE THEIR KINDLE PLUGIN TO FIT THE NEWER INDESIGN MODELS. Rather, since ADOBE is constantly changing their software, they should instead still make their InDesign versions to be compatible with Amazon's plugin, because Amazon already went overboard to fit Adobe's needs, but Amazon has no inkling about what new ideas Adobe is thinking up next. Amazon's specialty is selling books and other goods--NOT creating new software, as Adobe is constantly doing.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This is my personal opinion. I'm not Adobe staff and I have no way of knowing what Adobe may or may not do in the future.


          Adobe has made it clear that they will not be making any changes to InDesign CS6. Changes will only be made in InDesign CC.


          Adobe has also made it clear that their focus is on the EPUB format, which is an open standard. It's not building plug-ins for Amazon's proprietary format. It's up to Amazon to create a plug-in update to the current version of InDesign.


          Currently the best route to Kindle format is to create a good EPUB, then use Kindle Previewer to translate into Kindle format. That's what's recommended by expert eBook users/authors like Anne-Marie Concepcion. You can view her videos on Lynda.com to see how to do it. You can get a free week of Lynda.com using this link:


          lynda.com library | Trial Subscription

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            pooja2087 Adobe Employee



            InDesign is focusing on improving EPUB capabilities with every update ranging from improving semantic mark-up to leveraging CSS as far as possible to map InDesign attributes.

            Since KindleGen has not come up with an update for CC version, Kindle Previewer is the way to go as Steve said.

            It can be downloaded from: