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    Features not Exporting in InDesign CS6?


      Hello, all!

      I am relatively new to InDesign, but I'm trying to create an interactive PDF for my job where, when image A is rolled over, Image B appears (and then disappears when the curser is rolled off).  I've done a few tutorials and read up, as well as played around with the program itself, so I was pretty confidant. 


      My problem: Image A has a drop shadow, and is set to trigger Image B to appear and reappear on rollover/off, not click.  When I view the SWF preview, or export to SWF, everything looks and functions as expected.  However, when I try to export to an Interactive PDF (on my mac), Image A loses its drop shadow, and no longer works as rollover, so Image B never appears.


      Oddly enough, Image A almost acts as if it's a click button, where a hidden transparent square appears around it when clicked on--but nothing happens.


      Below is the intended appearance when the curser is rolled over Image A (which is the M!), with Image B as the text box/container:



      Then the following two pictures are of the exported Interactive PDF file; Image A (M!) has no drop shadow, and in the first picture there is no rollover effect, and in the second picture, when Image A is clicked on (which was not the intended action) the box appears.


      click on.png


      What's going on?  I've found that even in exporting, for example, a tutorial file from a lynda.com training exercise, once again, click actions work, but rollover never do, whether as a reveal or an image change, etc.


      Thank you!