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    kuler's API

      Since your sites is unofficially competing with a like site for a color like app, the API should have like and or better functions.

      One of my big problems is the lack of out side interaction with kuler, such as in illustrators kuler panel there is a custom RSS feed list that you cant provide a link to but there are no personal RSS feeds, only the ones listed. that and if and or when you make a personal RSS feed could you provide a like format <hex>0xffffff</hex> or may be <hex 'somename'=0xffffff /> that way we don't have to do all the hard work to get the string values out of the RSS.

      Thank you
      -Josh Chernoff

      the other thing is that comment API could be a little better.
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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hi Josh, thanks for the post.

          In the Illustrator CS3 kuler panel, you can currently subscribe to an RSS feed of a user by inputting their username as a custom feed. Edit Custom Feeds > input the name > OK > select via RSS feed dropdown menu.

          We are open to your suggestions on improving the comment API! Sami