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    CF 9 admin page reults in 404 after installation

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      I am installing Cold Fusion 9 on a 32 Bit, Windows 2008 with IIS 7.


      After the installation, when the Administrator page is to appear, receiving a 404 message.


      I have added ISAPI Extensions and ISAPI Filters to the the IIS.


      Also, have added cfm, cfc and cfml to the Handler Mapping for the website.


      Per the research, the web.config file needs to include the cfm, cfc and cfml?


      The web.config on the server wit the 404 error has no entry for the cfm, cfc and cfml.


      I looked on the production server for the web.config file and the file contains the cfm, cfc and cfml.

      Below is an example entry:


      <add name="cfmHandler" path="*.cfm" verb='"*" modules="IsapiModule" scriptProcessor="C:\JRun4\lib\wsconfig\jrun_iis6.dll" resourceType="Either" responseBufferLimit="0" />


      Also, i saw a mention that the 32 bit needs to be enabled for the DefaultAppPool advanced setting in IIS Manager.

      I did not see an entry for 32 Bit.


      If the above is added to the other web.config file, would the Administration page appear?


      If the information needs to be in the web.config file, does the cold fusion service need to be stopped and started?