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    Serious MIAW issue

      I have a movie that loads a MIAW.....as I load the MIAW
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          RenoRich Level 1
          whoops I must of accidentally hit the send button...as I was saying

          I have a movie that loads a MIAW.....as I load the MIAW I have time to click on the main movie....and it causes all kinds of script errors...these errors only happen as I load the MIAW. For example I have a global function called pointWithin() works every time, except for as I load the MIAW from my main movie....my main movie gives me a pointWithin handler undefined. These errors only happen as I click in the main movie while its loading the MIAW.

          this is the code that launches the MIAW...

          set gMapWindow to window "Map"

          set gMapWindow.filename to "Map"
          set gMapWindow.title to "Map"
          set gMapWindow.titlebarOptions.visible to gMainGameWindow.titlebarOptions.visible
          set gMapWindow.titlebarOptions.minimizebox to gMainGameWindow.titlebarOptions.minimizebox
          set gMapWindow.titlebarOptions.maximizebox to gMainGameWindow.titlebarOptions.maximizebox
          set gMapWindow.resizable to false

          if gMyFullScreen then
          set gMapWindow.rect to rect(0, 0, 800, 600)
          set gMapWindow.rect to gMainGameWindow.rect --+ rect(9, 60, -91, -80)
          end if

          open gMapWindow

          gMainGameWindow.visible = false
          tell gMainGameWindow to MapRunning()

          What is going on?