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    AE Does Not Close Fully, and Will Not Re-Open

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

      I am not sure if this an AE or OS issue.  When I close AE, it does not disappear from the the Windows 7 > Task Manager > Processes Tab.  If I attempt to re-open AE, I see a second occurrence or AfterFX.exe in the Task Manager, but AE does not open.  To re start AE I have to either restart the computer, or manually End the two AE processes in the task manager


      System is Windows 7 Professional, and a clean reinstall was done about two months ago.  I am more or less a new AE user, although I have had a full CC subscription since day 1.  So I can't say if I had the same problem before the reinstall.  To keep things as simple as possible, I have tried restarting the computer, opening an AE project, and closing it again.  The problem still occurs.


      OS and apps are on a raid0 (two Samsung 256Gb Pro)

      AE Cache is set to my Exports drive (two WD 1Tb Blacks in raid0)

      My project files are on a pair of 600Gb Gen 6 V'raptor in raid0.


      This is what my Task Manager > Process looks like after restarting the computer, opening, closing, and attempting to reopen AE  (I also have Firefox open - and an embarrassingly long list of auto starting processes )


      Win7 Pro

      3930K (running at stock speed)

      GTX570 with up to date drivers from nVidia

      Full CC subscription full up to date.


      I have a _lot_ of drives, but I am pretty sure that AE is not accessing anything other than the above mentioned drives, and they are not allowed to spin down.  I can't think of anything else that might be relevant.


      Thanks for any thoughts or help.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          TRy and turn of the disk caches completely. I suspect you are seeing a timeout issue with your RAID drives where AE somehow fails to update the cache databases....



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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            Thanks for the input Mylenium, (I wish I knew your name.  It feels kind of odd referring to you by you username)


            I unchecked cache and restarted the computer to give it its best chance of making a difference, but no change.  The Project and Exports drives are set to never sleep, so I guess it was a long shot.  I have also made a close study of running processes during various states regards AE.  The nearest thing to an anomaly I can see is that 'Adobe QT32 Server.exe *32' starts when AE opens, and closes when I exit AE.  It does not reopen in the Task manager when attempting to restart AE. Just another occurrence of AfterFX.exe  Further occurrences of AfterFX.exe appear with each attempt to restart AE


            OK I just had an idea.  I opened AE with a new Comp. Saved and exited, and AE disappeared from the Task Manager, and I was able to restart AE.  So I'm thinking it is to do with file locations from other Comp.  However, when I closed my Test Comp again, AE did not close out of the Task Manager, and I could not restart it.


            I can see that it releases most of the memory after exiting. 500Mb reduces to 200Mb.  The next occurrence takes another 40Mb RAM.  Each attempt to reopen AE takes another 40Mb.  I'm stumped.     It's not life and death, and is not a huge inconvenience, but it would be nice to fix it.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              If Quicktime is involved, it could indeed be a CoDec issue but those are usually a pain in the rear to unriddle. If you use DSLR footage, you might want to check it in Bridge for metadata. The same would be true for RAW files. AE is hyper-sensitive to that stuff. beyond that you would have to use tools like Sysinternals' System Monitor to have a look at the processes and file I/O and see where it makes a burp...