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    Data merging and making labels. I'm stuck...


      Dear indesigners,


      I've got a question concerning data merging.


      I've been asked to create labels for a showroom.

      I received an excel file with more than 9000 items.


      - At first I tried to save the file as CSV. The CSV file unfortunately didn't work for me.
      Instead of creating a comma-separated file it created a ";" separated file.

      This is an issue because I live in Europe apparently…


      - After that problem I just exported the file as a "Tab separated text file" and that worked fine.


      I set up the indesign file and the data merging went completely fine.


      But here comes the challenge:


      When I create a "merged document" all labels get placed underneath eachother in a new file. That's perfectly normal.


      But the marketing team from the company I work at wants to be able to create labels for each item they sell.

      The items change a lot so it has to be printed "in house" on pre sliced sticker paper.


      I was wondering if there was a way to get several labels on 1 A4? how do I set this up?

      Im really stuck here


      At first I was asked to print the labels from a DYMO printer. But that was a horrible experience… that didn't work at all.


      All help is appreciated.




      Kevin Hensels