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    Accessibility PDF in Tamil - The Worst Nightmare

    sebdea Level 1

      Hi there,


      Here are tech details:


      MAC OS X 10.9.3, InDesign CC, MS Word file provided in Tamil using Arial Unicode.


      I imported the text into InDesign (since I received a template in English for that document). I formatted document using the template styles. Exported as PDF from InDesign. Went to Adobe Acrobat and ran Tools - Accessibility - Full Check. It returned 6 errors divided as follows: Document - 4 and Page content - 2.


      Document: Logical reading orders - left as is; Primary Language - I added TAM for Tamil - Passed; Title - Fixed - Passed; Color Contrast - left as is.


      Page content: Tab order - fixed -Passed; Character Encoding - Failed (20 Words). In the screenshot you will see the character that returns that error.


      Screenshot 2014-05-15 18.07.21.png

      Screenshot 2014-05-15 18.07.27.png

      Screenshot 2014-05-15 18.07.48.png

      As you can see it's repeating all over the document.


      According to Help file of Adobe it looks like a font issue. Since Arial Unicode is installed on MAC I looked further for other fonts. That way I understand that it is wide used InaiMathi.ttf


      I changed entire document font to Inai Mathi. I created the PDF, I checked it for full accessibility. There was no error regarding Character Encoding - Passed. Yet, the client returned the document to me saying that there was an error regarding the font.








      Now I am stuck. As I read on various Forums, including on this one, the only thing left for me to do is to change the font. To what? At a point I found 120 fonts for Tamil. I tried 12 of them. Most of them are returning same 20 Character Coding error and I even found one that returned 40 Character coding errors.


      As a indirect question to my issue, is there a chance to select what font to be used when adding ALT TEXT to Images in InDesign?


      Screenshot 2014-05-14 21.17.24.png


      Any valuable input will be appreciated. I do have a Windows partition on my MAC in case that the only solution is to format the document under Windows.


      Thank you for your time and help.


      Sincerely yours,


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          a C student Level 3

          Hi Sebastian,


          I have no experience with Mac, InDesign, or the Tamil language, but I won't let that stop me from taking a stab in the dark! Regarding the PDF that passed for you but failed for the client - was the font embedded? I am not really sure if that would make a difference but it is something I would check. You can embed fonts in Acrobat Pro using Preflight - at least on a PC - unless the font forbids embedding. I would think if the font is embedded it should behave the same on any machine, but again, not completely sure.

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            sebdea Level 1



            Thank you for your reply. The fonts, no matter what fonts I am using, are embedded in PDF. The issue is not that is showing differently on a computer versus another. It is simply something related to font coding. As I read on a forum, it looks like Arial Unicode is showing Old Tamil letter/signs.


            Best regards,


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              divyasan Level 1


              To fix the issue with the vowel sounds you just have to select the text and enable the World Ready Para Composer option in the Paragraph panel. Hope this helps!