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    About ActionScript3.0

      Hi, I am a newbie to ActionScript 3.0 and I am studying it . I want to write my program in ActionScript entired and have not even one line of MXML.
      And , now I am very confused at ActionScript 3.0,I think there are not enough documents for my studying.
      For example:
      1. In Flex Builder2's Reference, the examples was written by MXML, not a pure ActionScript example.Now I cant even instance a Button object:-(. Would somebody tell me where can I find the pure ActionScript's examples?
      2. There are so many similar classes,what is its difference and how can I know it? for example,flash.display.Sprite and mx.core.FlexSprite. Are there some documents introduce the packages in Flex SDK?
      Would someone like to answer me ?
      thanx a lots.