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    Are there any real discounts when signing on for a second year?


      The reason I ask is I've been paying around £27 a month for my first year and I was going to cancel as obviously the price is about to jump for me and it's just a little too much for our current budget. However when I clicked the button a message popped up suggesting I speak to a CS representative to see if I qualified for any special offers. The conversation went like this...


      Chat InformationYou are now chatting with Narender. To ensure we stay connected throughout our interaction , please don't click on the 'x' in the chat window. Doing so will disconnect our chat session.

      Narender: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

      Narender: Hi Lisa.

      Lisa: Hello

      Narender: How may I help you today?

      Lisa: My Creative Cloud membership is about to expire and I was wondering if I qualify for any special offers or discounts as I don't plan to renew at the higher rate currently.

      Narender: Thank you for the information.

      Narender: Please stay online  while I pull up your records.

      Narender: I see that the payment has not gone through in this case I request you to update the card details.

      Narender: Sorry for the typo.

      Lisa: No sorry I think you misunderstand, my membership to creative cloud expires in a few days and I plan to cancel. However when I click to cancel I got the message "We'd hate to see you go! Did you know you might be qualified for special offers to continue your Creative Cloud membership? Discuss your options right now with an Adobe representative by live chat." So I thought I would see if there were any special offers before I cancel.

      Narender: https://creative.adobe.com/plans

      Narender: Please use the link for the purchase information.


      So not quite what I was asking. Rather than wasting more time I thought I'd ask if anyone knows if there's anyway of getting a discount for a second year or if there are any offers? I think that message has probably got my hopes up for nothing but wanted to double check.