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    Flash CS5.5 freeze issue when testing movie.


      So I've been working on a new animation for several months and I've encountered a problem.

      Details: After exporting the swf by testing the full movie, it plays the first four scenes, and then after that it crashes.
      The symbols keep going but the movie does not progress past that scene.
      I've cut the scene out, removed filters from my vcam and even tried to run it on an older version of Flash.
      I read a few forums of people with similar problems and the general answer is that they have corrupt files in their library.
      Apparently corrupt files in the library have a 'Preview not available' sign when you click them in the library.
      After going through all my library items (It's over 2000) I do not have any with that sign.

      I really need help as I've worked real hard on this project.

      PLEASE HELP! I use Flash cs5.5

      Thanks, Flip.