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    After effects gets stuck at 98% loading a file..... Needed to force quit over a dozen times


      I've been working color grading about a minute of footage in AE, and imported that comp into Premiere Pro.

      The color grading file was dealing with lots of different pieces of footage that make up the sequece. I need to open the AE file in order to render it, but it gets stuck at 98% loaded and freezes up. I've needed to force quit at least a dozen times. Is there a fix to this? Do I need to rebuild the file?

      I work on a macbook pro with 16GB of ram and an i7 3.6Ghz processor so I should have no problem with these files. In fact, I also do work with an animation studio, and we work with large 5k image sequences plus digital faces plus other elemets, and their files are much larger.


      Please help quickly! I'm on a deadline and can't proceed until this is fixed.




      Oh, and if it helps at all, I'm using the CS6 version.