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    .show() not working in creationComplete for Stage or other Symbols

    Fred Tacon Level 1

      Has anyone else experienced this?  I am using Edge Animate 3.0.


      If I...

      1. Create a div on the Stage, for example a circle named theCirc.

      2. And then I set its display to "off". Effectively hiding it.

      3. Then, in creationComplete, I add this code:

           var theCirc = sym.$("theCirc");


      4. When i preview it in the browser, nothing happens. The circle stays hidden.

      Is this a known issue? Does anyone have a workaround?

      I simplified my issue, but I am using a variable value to determine which divs should show and which should stay hidden, so I can't just turn them all on.

      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!