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    How to integrate an Edge Animate-menu into muse??

    Focusfilm.at Level 1

      Hi, i'm having a little problem here...


      I made a neat little menu bar in EA, now i want it to work in muse...


      I know, that i can tell an object to open an hyperlink when klicked, directly in EA, but i would like the menu bar to work in muse...


      so i can preview my site in muse, and when i click on the contact-icon for instance, it opens my contact page.(inside the muse-preview.)


      Is that possible, or do i have to place a placeholder menu bar and relink the real one in EA when my site is finished?


      Thx in advance for your kind help,




      PS.: i'm new to muse as well as to Edge Animate, so please be forgiving….:)