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    Recent InDesign change suppresses non-printing layers when exporting to EPUB

    Boris Nikolaevich Level 1

      I hate it when development teams quiety "fix" features I've come to rely on.

      I am using InDesign CC 9.2.

      Until a recent update, when I exported a book to EPUB from InDesign, layers which were set to show but not print were included in the export. I relied on this because my documents include a non-printed Table of Contents block on the first page of each piece included in the anthology. This block causes the correct page to be set when generating the TOC (notice that it's on the page facing the title, not the title page itself) and is used to print the correct title on the title page of each story and running headers throughout the body.

      (An example document - Click for full size)


      Up to at least January 2014, when I exported to EPUB, that visible-but-not-printed block was included in the XHTML output. I could then modify CSS to optimize for e-reader display and the title and author names would appear at the top of each piece. Sometime within the past couple of months, that has changed: layers that are not printed also do not export to EPUB. This wouldn't be so big a problem except that the printed title in the image above also is not output to the EPUB file, because it's a text variable in the underlying master page.


      If you like reading and messing with markup, as I do, the next two images illustrate the problem.

      (The old output - Click for full size)

      The new output:
      (The new output - Click for full size)

      I have five volumes of the anthology so far (comprising roughly 30 stories each) with a new one coming out every three months. Now that this change has been thrown at me, I need to get it resolved or come up with a good workaround while I only have a couple hundred documents to update, instead of double that a year from now.

      Thank you for any help or suggestions you can provide!