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      I am another victim of the dreaded E_LIC_LICENSE_SIGN_ERROR.  My ADE was working fine with (https://openlibrary.org/) Open Library until yesterday.  Now I get this error when I try to return a book to the library  or download a new book. I am running Windows 7, and ADE 3.0.  I have tried the following actions as suggested in this forum:

      1. I have created an exception  for the Windows firewall for ADE.

      2. I have uninstalled and reinstalled ADE.

      3. I have rebooted my computer.

      4. I upgraded my ADE 2 to ADE 3.0.

      5. I have tried using ADE on a MacBook computer -- I get the same error message.

      6. I have tried using Firefox, Internet Explorer, and chrome. –  I get the same error message.


      anyone have any other ideas?