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    CC Apps NOT Backward compatible with Master Collection 6.0...WHY NOT?!!!!


      This is just horse doodoo. Adobe, you've already got us hooked and paying out the nose, so WHY do I have to save all of my files in an OLDER version (InDesign, for instance) when I'm working on them in Creative Cloud just so I can be able to open them with my MasterCollection6 I paid $3000+ for?


      I should NEVER see the message: "Cannot save because file was created with a newer version Creative Cloud..." when I am working with your latest NON-MONTHLY CS6 Master Collection Apps. It is a pain in the a$$ and slows down our workflow.


      PLEASE, either give your loyal Master Collection 6 customers updates that make our Apps compatible with Creative Cloud, or start making Creative Cloud Apps backward compatible with our 6.xx version!


      Stop trying to hold us hostage with your plans to monthly-revenue everything we already paid thousands for, please!


      Sincerely pisT,

      Small Business Owner