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    Templates (.htt) files disappear from Project folders

      The template folder in the Projects pane is suddenly not displaying the templates that are available for the help project. I have tried to re-import the templates a few times and each time I see a message that they exist, I choose to overwrite the existing template and hey still won't display under the templates folder. When I access the project files using windows explorer, my template (.htt) files are there plain as day.
      I am using RoboHelp X5.0.2.
      Any ideas on what may be causing this or how I can fix this error? Thanks.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Writer_06 and welcome to the RH community. Can I ask if your project is stored on a network drive? If so, move it to your hard drive and see if that helps.
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            Writer_06 Level 1
            Hi Colum McAndrew,
            Thanks and my help source files are already on the hard drive. However, I did have a file corruption problem yesterday and I had to delete the .cpd and .xpj files, then recover the files from .HHP file. Would that have had anything to do with the template file problem? I should also add that the CSS files display under the stylesheets folder in the Project pane it's just the .htt files.
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              RoboColum(n) Level 5
              OK. If you have a backup copy of the template? If so, take a copy of the project and then import the backup copy of the template. If that doesn't work, i think you'll have no option but to create a new template file.
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                Writer_06 Level 1
                Thanks Colum, I recreated the template. Beats trying to figure out why it won't show up in the project folders.

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                  RoboWizard Level 4
                  Hi all

                  I'm guessing that by now you have already implemented your own solution. But on the outside chance you are still pondering, here is another way around it.

                  In Windows Explorer, rename the template file slightly. For example, if the name was MyTemplate.htt, you should be able to rename it to MyTemplate1.htt or possibly My_Template.htt. At that point, there is no chance the name is the same and it should import without issues.

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    I have the same problem with the same build of RoboHelp.


                    Recently, I had a problem closing my project file.

                    The recommended solution, from this forum, was to delete the CPD file.

                    This resolved the problem closing my project file and being able to compile a new CHM file.


                    But, around the same time I noticed that all my Templates were no longer showing up in the Templates folder in the Project window.

                    The files were still on the hard drive.

                    So, I started importing them to my project.

                    Most of the Templates imported just fine.

                    But, some of them did not import. No error message during the import process, they just didn't import.


                    I have renamed the HTT files in Explorer (or whatever you want to call "computer" in Win 7).

                    These new Templates import just fine.

                    But, I have hundreds of topics using these missing Templates.

                    If I then try to rename the new Template to the original name in the Project window I am told that a folder or file of that name already exists.


                    When I create a new topic and want to assign one of the missing Templates it does not show up in the list of available Templates.


                    Any suggestions as to how to "purge" some listing of the problem Templates?


                    One, not so good solution:

                    Rename the missing Templates in Explorer.

                    Import the new Templates.

                    Use the new Templates when creating new topics.


                    But, what if I need to update a Template?

                    If I cannot edit a missing Template, I don't see how I can update it.


                    Please don't suggest that I spend a couple of days opening up each topic and selecting a new Template.




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                      Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Hi Dave


                      I know you said not to suggest assigning a new template to existing topics, but that's probably exactly what you will find that you need to do. However, having said that, it's probably not nearly as painful as you are imagining.


                      If you open the Topic List pod you are able to select one, two, twenty or as many topics as you like. You are then free to right-click that selection and examine the properties. Then you may associate the desired template easily. Might take you all of 30 whole seconds to do this with thousands of topics.


                      Cheers... Rick



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                        DKyllonen Level 1

                        Hi Rick,


                        That was too easy and I would not have thought of it.


                        But, when I selected all topics in a given folder it shows "multiple

                        templates" as the choice.

                        I guess this means that I may have assigned a the wrong template to one or

                        more of my topics in this folder.


                        Thank you,