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    E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED error in Adobe Digital Editions


      I am getting E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED error when downloading an epub book. I purchased 3 ebooks at the same time, two downloaded fine but the third returns the above error.

      The ACSM file contains the following line:

      <expiration>2014-05-16T01:47:53+01:00</expiration> with the expiration timestamp around two hours after the book was purchased. I attempted to download the book straight after purchasing. I have tried downloading on two authorised PCs, in both cases the same two books download fine and one returns the auth expired error.


      The PC clock, time zone and region were/are correct throughout.


      Links to downloads are stored on the seller's website and the rest work normally - books are indefinitely available for download.


      Is this something Adobe support can correct at the auth server end?