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    InDesign CS5.5 to CS6 bug involving Tables



      I am having issues when editing files that were created in InDesign CS5.5 with CS6, most specifically with Tables.

      When I open a file created in CS5.5 with CS6 some of the tables are corrupted. When I try to edit the content in the corrupt tables or even resize the text frame, the table and all content below become overset. Even adding a single character causes overset. (the text frame and table cells are large enough to accommodate the changes)


      I can edit the file in CS5.5 without any issues.

      Saving the file as .idml doesn't fix the problem. When I do this and open the .idml in CS6 the corrupted tables have already shifted and caused an overset before I make any edits.


      I've also tried:

      - deleting all paragraph, character, and table styles

      - pasting the content into a new file


      The only way that fixed the problem was merging the table rows, but with the content we have this is definitely not ideal. The file is a multi page application form and we have more than one hundred similar files.


      Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.