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    CS6 video cards


      CS6, Windows 7, 64bit


      I need to replace my older QUADRO FX 3800 graphics card.


      I am trying to find a card that is "supported" in CS6  Premiere Pro, After effects and Photoshop.  Only "supported" are activated by Adobe to provide the full capability of the applications listed.


      When I review the "supported" graphics on the Adobe website I find very few choices common to all three applications.


      In most cases the cards of an older design, are no longer being produced and either are not available or have very limited availability in the computer hardware market.


      A newer high performance graphics card is the PNY NVDIA QUADRO K4000.  I would like Adobe to test and add this card to the list of "supported" cards.


      You can help!  How can you help?  You can take a few seconds and make request for "new features" on the Adobe website. It is fast an easy and if we all do it maybe we will get the use of an up to card for CS6.