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    Need help with Audio controller or cue points

    cacioppo Level 1
      Haven't set up the actual project yet. Just trying to determine best method. Will be using Flash Pro 8.

      Goal: create an initial page showing a TOC that represents chapters in an hour long audio piece. Clicking a topic brings them to a certain point in the audio. Once leaving the TOC, the user will see a still PPT jpg associated with that section of audio. But they'll also need access to an audio controller so they can scrub to different portions of the audio. Once they let up, the PPT image needs to change -- if they went to a different section.

      So at first I thought about a regular flash set-up with the audio spanned throughout the timeline, PPT images set-up throughout the timeline, and frame labels to jump to. But I couldn't figure out how to set up an audio controller with this set-up.

      Then I thought about a Flash Slide Presentation set-up using a Media Playback component with the Media Controller component and cue points. I've looked at some of the on-line examples of this and they seem to work when playing forward but I notice that when you scrub backwards that the images fall out of synch. It seems if you have cues A, B and C and if you begin dragging from the C cue and let up BEFORE the B cue the image displays B. It should be displaying A though since your somewhere in-between A and B. But A doesn't show unless you scrub back far enough to cross the A cue time.

      So what is the best method. It seems the latter if there was only a way to calculate the time between the two cues. For instance "if time is >A but <B then display A".

      But the first example with the long timeline and frame labels would be fine if there was a nice controller out there that I could implement.

      And remember I need to be able to jump to any spot in the audio clip from the TOC menu on the first screen.