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    Making an Accessible PDF file from MS PPT

    rjones888 Level 1

      I have a MS PPT file that I've converted to a PDF file. When I run the "Make Accessible" from the Action Wizard some of the tags disappear for the slides that contain only an image even though I've added alt text to the image. When I preview the file using the Touch Up Reading Order the graphic on the slide will show that it is a figure with alt text but after I run the Action Wizard and view the slide again in the Reading Order there is nothing there and the tag for that slide is gone so it is completely skipped.


      Is it safe to assume that running the Make Accessible on a PDF file created from a PPT is just not going to work?

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          a C student Level 3

          A bit more detail might be helpful. What version of PowerPoint are you using, and what version of Acrobat Pro? How did you convert from ppt to pdf?

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            rjones888 Level 1

            I'm using PPT 2010 and Adobe Acrobat Pro XI. I'm using the "Create PDF" feature from the Acrobat ribbon in PPT with a modified settings that I've created for all of the PDF files I make. I'm convinced that this has something to do with PPT and Adobe since I don't have any problems using the Action Wizard with PDF files converted from Word. In fact I took the problem images from PPT and copied them into a Word file, converted to PDF and ran the action wizard and had no problems with the tags disappearing from the images. I think we're going to publish the PPT version online with a PDF companion. I can't spend any more time on  this. Thank you.