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    studio sign off form / Creative & Artworker checklist

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      Hi everyone, this is a little off topic regarding indesign tech so apologies if this is in the wrong forums. (and sorry for the long post)


      My new studio is made up of 2 artworkers and a designer. We're in the process of incorporating into our workflow an artwork/creative signature which will sit in the slug area. Im a little unsure what information I should include when building this tagline I'm guessing: Job number /  Job description / Operator / Creation Date (Variable) / Modification Date (Variable) / Size / Bleed. Can anyone suggest any extra information which maybe useful?

      Also, we're putting together an creative / artwork checklist, so when the job is being prepared for client / printers we can ensure all the basic checks have been adhered to. I was wondering if you guys have something in place in your studios. I have a few already listed here (I know indesign has a preflight, but I would like the operator to tick off each comment before handing over the pdf to the printers):


      Job has been named correctly (i.e. 1234_bbc_sport_297x210_Times_AW_01

      Are colours setup correctly as spot or CMYK (check project spec)

      All black text to be 100% black (not made up of CMYK)

      All rich blacks have been setup to c30 m40 y40 k100

      Delete unused colours in swatches.

      Are cutter and fold guides spot colours and set to overprint

      Layout follow brand guidelines

      Artwork has been setup to the exact dimensions at 100% (Unless stated otherwise)

      Images must be at least 300dpi.

      All links have been included.

      All live copy is at least 10mm from the trim.

      At Least 3mm bleed (Unless stated otherwise)

      Small text is no smaller than 5pt

      Has a mockup been made.

      Has the job been proof read.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          In the slug, if you can't tell at a glance who the client is from the job number, I'd add the client name, and I might add the page number as well.


          In the checklist, why stop with deleting unused colors? What about styles (all three types)? Personally I don't find unused colors or styles to be a problem, if they are not overwhelming. Often they are the result of design changes in mid-stream, and you could wind up going back to them again in a newer version based on this one. What about reverse type? Do you allow small serif fonts in reverse?

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            lister110 Level 1

            maybe deleting unused styles is a little over kill, my worry would be some some novice users may start deleting things without knowing why, and may ignore any warnings before hand, maybe I'll leave this off...  good point about serif fonts revered out of black, especially if the black is made up a rich black. Do you have a fall back size you work too for this example?


            Also, one more thing.. is it possible in indesign cc to apply a variable for the document size and bleed size rather thank manually adding this in the sign off tag in the slug area?


            Im also incorporating the full path/location as a variable in the slug, so its easier for the next operator to find the document.


            thanks for your input..