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    The Amazing Disappearing animations

      I opened an existing project to make an addition that the SME wanted. It requires that I add a bit of audio (which works fine) and a couple of highlight boxes to one slide. I added the highlight boxes, set the timing and transparency, previewed in edit mode and it works perfectly. If I preview the project the highlight boxes will not show. I made sure they were not residing in the background for some reason by bringing them to the front and made sure they each had the fade in and out transition I wanted. I checked slide properties, nothing there. So I deleted them and added them again. No luck. I closed Captivate and reopened. No luck. I deleted them again and replaced them with arrow animations. They won’t show either, except in edit mode and they preview just fine there, timing and all. I deleted them and replaced them with text boxes. Still no luck, they don't show either, except in edit preview. Everything I try is invisible in preview project mode, but okay in the edit mode preview. All of this happens on one slide. The other slides are fine.

      Any ideas?
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          flarext Level 1
          Hi Bmac99,

          It's hard to know for sure, but it sounds like you probably have a click box or button somewhere on that slide that is pausing the timeline before the playhead hits your highlights. In Edit mode, when you play through the timeline (e.g. use the spacebar or F3), the pause actions are ignored. When you preview or publish the file, the pause actions will be working and the timeline won't advance until you do the necessary action such as click the click box or button.

          If this doesn't help solve your problem, reply back with more details and I (or other forum users) can try to help further.

          Best wishes,
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi bmac99

            If Aaron's suggestion fails to work, you might try inserting a blank slide just before or just after the troublesome slide. Then copy objects from the problem slide to the new one and delete the problem slide. Perhaps something on the slide somehow became corrupt.

            Cheers... Rick