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    Lag in playback of Flash Banner


      I've created a Flash web banner about 400kb in size that plays fine until about halfway thru at which point the transitions and animations seem to get noticeably slower. I've added a preload script which loads the whole clip before playing and it still plays with the same lag.

      Any suggestions?


      Richard Van Buren
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          rvanburen Level 1
          Also, it appears during playback within Flash that the Frame per second (FPS) rate begins dropping from 12 fps after about 40 seconds and ends up at about 5 fps. Can you make the FPS rate stay more consistent?
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            MotionMaker Level 1
            A. Flash is a processor intensive product and depending on the processor and graphic animation you are performing you could have an issue. Try using gettimer() functions to detect beginning and end of slow points to isolate possible code such as transitions might contribute.
            B. Unnecessary code running that does not show up in display.
            C. Did you perform a bandwidth analysis?
            This is done with
            1. File->Publish Settings select Flash tab and checking Generate Size Report. You get data in the Output window when you do Control->Test Movie and a text file in the publish directory.
            2. This is done in Control->Test Movie and once running with View->Bandwidth Profiler; View->Download Settings; View->Simulate Download.

            All that