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    How to use the slider to avoid keyframes movements?


      Hi there,


      first of all, I have to tell, I am not a English speaker, so please excuse me in advance. Anyway, I want to solve this particular issue: I have created an After effects project, where you can add into the composition your own text, logo or whatever... what the after effects project does is, that it turns your text, or logo into the 3D metal result. There is also camera cretaed, which moves from one position, to another. Take a look:


      The inputed text is "add content" (I have 4 cameras alltogether, but I am showing an example just on the first one, so you will not see the whole text. The rest of the cameras are also in other compositions)



      Here you can see the exact movement of the camera. However, if somebody inserts a logo or a text, which has for example 7 letters (in the next picture it is just "content") it will look like this:



      here you can see how big space we have. Also it is not appropriate to change the original size of the text in the composition to achieve the smallest gap, as we can see here. The height will be huge then...

      If I would edit it by myself, I would do this:

      -I would clicked on the button "2 views" and choose view from the "front"

      -Then I would select all the keyframes and after that i would go into the left window "front" and  using the mouse I would draged whole the camera to the position I want:




      The great thing about this is, that as I selected all the keyframes and then set the red line on one of them, the camrea will work even for the beginning! So this is how it will look after the fix.




      What the problem is, that after the small edit I want to send this project to few of my friends. Then they can easily put their text, or logo in. The text will have different height, width...it will be shorter or longer. I was just wondering, if you could help with some expressions, linkings and so on, so in the final result, of one my friends could move with the  whole camera (not just with one keyframe) using the SLIDER CONTROL. At least for the x and y axis, if z axis is also possible, it would be brilliant. It also doesn't matter how many sliders there will be .


      So basically with using the sliders, they should achieve this:




      So i need some helpful steps. Please help me. This is very important for me. I will be so much thankful!! Really! (Thanks for the potential help )

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This looks like a simple paragraph alignment problem. Usually, with a project like this, you put the text in a pre-comp that is the size of the maximum text height and width for your project with the text centered and the paragraph alignment set to centered. You then nest this composition in the main comp and collapse transformations. Your lights and camera are in the main comp. Then, when the text is changed in the pre-comp you adjust the size and position of the text in the pre-comp to fill the space in as pleasing a way as you can.


          This can also be done by simply using the centered paragraph style in the main comp, but it is easier to keep designs consistent if you use the pre-comp method. Note these two screenshots and carefully examine the character palette in both. You'll see that I changed the height scale and font size in the second screen shot to maintain the same size and alignment in the main comp.


          Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 7.33.19 AM.png


          Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 7.34.47 AM.png

          Here's a project file for you to look at. (CS6)

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            Pogrebnyak97 Level 1

            Hello, thanks or reply! Actually I do have a pre-comp. However, some of my friends would like to add the logo with pretty big height, or really wide logo. So wanted to enable this ineresting feature for them. (Btw. I used a lot of layers to achieve 3D effect, I mean, I did not use 3D-Ray-raced). So there is really no way, how to aply the Slider control on the camera for all the keyframes? I think there is, but it requires to have some skills in the expresions, but I do not know anything about this myself. :)

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              Pogrebnyak97 Level 1

              Please help me, to figure out the right expressions :(

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                If you have different sized objects in your scene then they are going to look different in the render. The easiest solution is to put those objects in a pre-comp then size them to fit the space of the pre-comp. You cannot have different the word "My Text" be the same size as the word "My" but you can scale either to fit into a pre-comp so they fill the same space. That's all there is to it.


                If that's not what you want to do then please try and explain your problem in more detail. From what you said in the first post you want the object (your extruded text) not to change position when you change the object. I have explained how to do that. I don't know what you are wanting to tie the expression to.

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                  Pogrebnyak97 Level 1

                  Oh, I forgot to tell, I already fixed the problem with pre-comp. Actually in my further projects, or ideas I would like to apply this particular technique, which would be necessary. I will take the camera from this project and explain in properl, what I want to achieve. Let's say I have created a camera trajectory using few keyframes (more than 2). What I want, is to apply a code, or expression to camera, or to slider and then link it to each other. Basically, whatever the steps are, the camera position should be changed using 3 sliders (x,y,z) with no effect in its camera trajectory.


                  The result, what I want to have, will be demonstrated manually with no sliders. Here is an example:



                  In the "Cam position #1" can be seen a camera with a specific position and a trajectory, whic is controlled by a keyframes. What I did, is that I just selected all the keyframes and the using the mouse, and then clicked on the camera (in the PREVIEW, not the small icon of camera, where are all the keyframes) dragged it to the right. To be more specific, I clicked on the red arrow to drag it. However, the trajectory will be the same:








                  Also, in the camera, there are keyframes in the position and in the point of the interest, so I hope there will be some solution.
                  This is a general idea and the solution of it, will help me in other project. I really need it. I would be really happy for the help! Thanks :-)

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                    Pogrebnyak97 Level 1

                    Well, I have to hurry up with a project. I do not know, if I should wait more or create new topic with my last comment...

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                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      You are way over thinking your problem and potentially headed down a path that will cause more problems that it will solve.


                      If you have a camera path that is already animated and you want to change the position of the camera path as a whole the easiest way to do that would be to create a null and then parent the camera to the null. Move the null and all of the camera movements you have set up will follow. No expressions are needed. This is the easiest way to change every aspect of a motion path, rotate the entire path, scale the path, or move the path on any axis.


                      If you really want to use 3 position sliders to move existing keyframes to a new value adding value + expressions values will allow you to do this. Just add an three expression control sliders to the camera layer (or any layer like the null you are using as a parent) select the name of the slider in the ECW and press enter and rename it. Something like this will be the result.


                      Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 8.44.27 AM.png


                      Notice that I also have rotation and scale controls in this setup. Now that you have 3 sliders you can separate the position property of the null into individual values enable expressions in each property and type in value +, then use the pickwhip to drag from the X value to your slider named xPosition (in my example) and repeat for each operation. The value + will add the value of the slider to the current value of the position keyframes. The expression will look like this for X:


                      value + effect("x position")("Slider")


                      If you want to use sliders I would use a null, add expression controls to the null for position, scale, and rotation, keep the camera position property unified and then use your expression control sliders on the null to modify your existing path. I would not suggest doing this directly on camera position with separated X, Y and Z values because this will change the shape of your camera path and would be more difficult to control. You'll probably also want to create a camera POInull and use this preset to tie the camera's point of interest to the null.


                      Here's an animation preset you can apply to a null that will give complete control to the motion path of any animated layer you make the child of this null. Search Animation Preset in the After Effects Search Help field if you do not know how to use them, create them, and save them.

                      Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 8.29.28 AM.png

                      As a final gimme, here's a CS6 project using this animation preset to control a null's position that used to change an animated camera path.


                      Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 9.45.23 AM.png

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                        Pogrebnyak97 Level 1

                        Thanks a lot, Rick! Just last one thing, if I want to move the position of the camera path and the point of the interest as a whole at the same time, what is the easiest way to fix it? With null object as well as using those sliders. Because when I am moving the camera path, the point of interest stays on the same point. Thanks! :)

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                          Pogrebnyak97 Level 1

                          I really do not need anything else, just to fix the Point of Interest issue. :)

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                            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Did you look at the CS6 project I provided? You can tie the point of interest to a null using an expression. You will find that in the project.

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                              Pogrebnyak97 Level 1

                              Yeah, I did it that day, but I managed to link it right now :). Great! I've just linked all x.y.z positions of interest to camera null. Works fine! Thank you for this BIG help!