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    customize learning interactions

      Hello everybody!
      I have added some learning interactions directly from the common library "learning interactions" to my flash project).
      I would like to know:
      1) how to add a page result with the user's score
      2) if I can access learning interaction's properties by action script (i.e. I have added to the stage a "Fill in the blank" interaction. Can I set the question dinamically, reading, for example, a xml file by action script or the only way to do it is editing manually the component inspector? As a matter of fact I want to develop the same e-learning project in various languages, if it is possible to set questions, answers and messages of each interaction dinamically I will save a lot of work).
      Every whitepaper, article, tutorial about it would be very precious.
      Thanks a lot and have a nice day
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          stefano_d Level 1
          I have found a solution to the first problem, that is to add a result page to a project where have been added some learning interactions directly from the common libraries (instead of using Quiz Template).
          Values about user's answers are stored in the array SessionArray, so it is possible to do something like this:
          var tot:Number=0;
          for (i=0,i<SessionArray.length;i++){
          if (SessionArray [ i ] .result=="C"){
          By these code lines you count the amount of user's correct answers (C is for Correct and W is for Wrong).
          Pay attention: for some reason square brackets are truncated so I had to insert a space between them and array index i.
          So long