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    Custom stroke / page borders (see picture)

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      I have been given an MS Word draft document that contains an an "art border" on every page. My task is to convert to ID and layout properly. Only condition is that the border must remain as is. The border looks like the image below. I am wondering, is there a way to replicate this style of border using stroke / some other function in ID CS6 as I would like to set it up on the Master Page.


      Thank you.


      MS Word art border.png

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          ID does not have this corner style as one of it's predefined corner options, so you are stuck with drawing it the old fashioned way. I suggest you do it in Illustrator if you have access, then place it as a a linked object in ID, or you can draw it directly in ID if you need to. In any case, I's put it on a dedicated background layer on the master page, then lock that layer.