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    How do I receive the serial number of the software for activation?




      I signed up to CC a couple of weeks ago and I did a subscription for a year, downloaded Photoshop and Edge Animator and I am working pretty well with the applications.

      Every time that I launch an application I get the message for registration or continue try. I chatted with a representative and he tells me that if I am using CC I do not need any registration number but that I can ask in this forum for an answer of an expert.


      My question is:

      1. If I didn't need any serial number, why every time that I launch an application the message of registration or try is displayed?.

      2. Why in my personal data there is not any annotation of my purchase?


      Can someone explain please? I'm afraid that after the first month of try I will be unable to continue using the applications.


      Thank you.


      Ernesto Reides