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    how to load different html files in one page in order to load them without leaving the main stage?



      I'm new with edge animate, but i fell in love with it.

      I'd like to know, is it possible to load different html pages dynamically in the main stage in order to avoid the preloader to be load?

      I can figure out how to save all the pages of the site, but i can't merge them in a continuous animated browsing experience.

      As sample.

      I've got a index.html and home.html, how to switch form index to home without having a clear division between the two pages?

      I can place all the animations within a file and this will allow me to have a continuous surfing experience but it won't generate specific and google indexable pages within the site.

      Example, index.html will generate www.mysite.com, home will generate www.mysite.com/home. How ho switch dinamically between them and integrate them in a unique fading experience?



      Thanks in advance for any help. I'm a newby, but i would like to learn.