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    Bad script?

      Hi everyone! You've read it a million times before but yes, I'm a beginner. I am and have been creating a slide show that is rather large. It has progressively gotten slower due to the content and perhaps some of my animated symbols and possible noob tweening skills (w/o AS). *see error below* Anyway, before I know it I move my cursor over a button and the associated sound and color change is very delayed and going to the next slide doesn't happen as quickly etc. etc. Now I have searched the web and reviewed several articles but nothing has really worked for me to find out what's going on.

      So, is there a noob way or something easy to figure out why I'm getting the error below? ...like what script and where it is?

      A script in this movie is causing Macromedia Flash Player 8 to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?

      I know very little about AS to figure out what script is the problem and why the way the script in question causes this problem. Is it possible that my elementary tweening skills are done poorly? Is that even considered a script or is it only a script when you tween using AS instead?

      I hope this makes sense and someone can assist. Let me know if I can provide more information. Thank you in advance for any suggestions or tips you may provide. :) Much appreciated!
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          Armen Abrahamyan
          the error is about the script.
          for example u could have infinity loops inside the code and u will get that error.
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            mydoofy Level 1
            So, is there a noob way or something easy to figure out why I'm getting the error below? ...like what script and where it is?
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              Rothrock Level 5
              It is most likely some kind of for, while, do, or some other loop. My guess would be that you have one of those loops trying to do some animation or transition? That won't work.
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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                i think it's ALWAYS a for, while or do loop.
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                  Level 7
                  You can also get it with circular navigation. For example in frame 1 saying
                  gotoAndPlay(2) and in frame 2 saying gotoAndPlay(1);

                  It can also be a result of populating something like a datagrid with too
                  much data at one time. Though internally the data grid is using a loop, its
                  nothing you are seeing in your own code and nothing you'd be able to change
                  by modifying a (the) loop. That would instead require that less data be
                  provided to the component for any given time.

                  Most likely, as Rothrock and kglad have said, it's some kind of for/while in
                  your code that is getting stuck in an infinite loop.

                  "kglad" <webforumsuser@macromedia.com> wrote in message
                  >i think it's ALWAYS a for, while or do loop.

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                    Armen Abrahamyan Level 1
                    man, just check your code and find all loops inside for,while,do...
                    if you find something:
                    for(var i=1;i<=some_cnt;i++)
                    than try to find if "some_cnt" variable has value.
                    the same with other loops.