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    Problems in CS3 and AS3 with embedded fonts

      Hi. I recently downloaded the trial version of CS3 to test it out. I'm an experience AS2 developper, and have 10 years of C, C++, C#, Java, PHP ... programming experience on BIG projects before starting flash.

      I have been trying to use an embedded font in AS3 with a dynamically created textfield. I've tried all the examples in O'Reilly's ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook. They suggest using the [Embed] meta tag, but quite honestly it does nothing in CS3. I had the Size Report option selected, and it shows clearly by the file size the font isn't present in the SWF.

      Then I tried doing it the way I did in Flash 8. Again there no luck. My TextField exists, but there is simple no font being rendered.. Here is my bit of code.

      In my library I have a symbol called arialBold. In the linkage settings, I have "Export for ActionScript" checked, and "Export in first frame" checked. The class is "arialBold" but I wonder if that's right? and the Base class is "flash.text.Font"

      I tried every variation I could think of. I must be doing something wrong. You can find my file here :


      Thanks for your help! If you can fix this, i'll be very happy!