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    table centered in dreamweaver, not in browser

    skronwith Level 1

      I have the following code and css.  In Dreamweaver, in design view, the table is centered, as expected, but in Safari and Firefox (the only two I've tried), the table is left aligned.  I don't understand.  Thanks for help


      <table align = "center">

      <tr><td id="firsttile"></td> <td id="secondtile"></td>


      <tr><td id="thirdtile"></td> <td id="fourthtile"></td>

      </tr> </table>


      with css for the 4 tiles are the same, here is for firsttile:


      #firsttile {

      transition: background 1.0s linear;

      background-image: url("adultstrab.jpg");

      background-repeat: no-repeat;

      background-size: 100% auto; /*or your image's width*/

      height: auto; /*or your image's height*/

      margin: 0;

      padding: 0;