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    How To Get a Sharp Rounded Rectangle Cornder in FW?

      Hi -

      I can't for the life of me figure out how to get a proper 1-pixel wide sharp line for a rounded rectangle in Fireworks.

      For example, look at the buttons at the top of http://www.youtube.com

      Nice 1-pixel wide sharp rounded rectangle line.

      When I use a hard line 1-pixel setting w/rounded rectangles in Fireworks, the edge always looks blocky,
      not smooth.

      And if I use a soft line 1-pixel setting, it looks too 'fat', more like 1-pixel wide. And advanced stroke options
      to drop it to 60-70% still makes it look wide.

      So how to get a nice clean rounded rectangle 1-pixel corner using Fireworks?

      thanks very much...