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    How do I set colour profiles so that imported RGB images stay the same colour profile and not convert to CMYK


      First time I have ran into the issue where importing an image into InDesign (CS4) that the document converts the colour over into CMYK and does not keep the RGB image colour. When I try to set up the document to use the RGB colour profile of the image, it still converts into CMYK

      The image was created in Photoshop in RGB (the  clients flyer will be posted on the web and she will will be printing this as well) The colour is correct in Photoshop, but when I import the same image into InDesign it changes the colour

      I don't know if the forum will contact me that there has been an answer to this so my email address is CaseyJ.Designs@gmail.com

      1. Photoshop image

      SGL-College-MAY 2014 BKGR.jpg

      and Image after being imported into InDesign


      SGL-College-MAY 2014.jpg