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    How to make the same realistic embroidery effect through filling shape with stitches?


      Couldn't anyone help me decipher this Photoshop technique used in this actions - Realistic Embroidery - Photoshop Actions ( http://graphicriver.net/item/realistic-embroidery-photoshop-actions/6913493?ref=BlackNull )?




      I wanna make a similar effect to imitate handmade embroidery and I guess the author used filling vector shapes (or text) with some pattern or brush, but I cannot clear out what namely. How to achieve such irregular stitching within text or shapes? And how to get such naturally embossed embroidery? There is a video on that page but it demonstrates some preset and I cannot understand the technique from this tutorial - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVux7OYt894&feature=youtu.be

      I guess the author used some specific pattern or maybe a stitch brush but brushes can be used just along contours, eh? (He mentioned brushes in the description -

      .ABR Brushes file

      .ASL Styles file

      And someone in comments - http://graphicriver.net/item/realistic-embroidery-photoshop-actions/6913493/comments? said "When I click play to fill the stitch into my logo. The threads look large and don’t fill the logo in completely. Is there a way to make the stitching tighter and smaller?"


      How it is possible to get contours inside of a vector shape and to fill the shape with stitch? What can be done in Photoshop to get such an effect -http://0.s3.envato.com/files/82030374/02_stylewars.jpg ?


      If you know this technique have any ideas, I'd be very grateful to hear them, I searched all the Web for an answer and did not find any tuts or lessons about this exact technique.


      And there is another beautiful style for stitching and embroidery -Embroidery. 100+ Sewing Stiches with Fabrics ( http://graphicriver.net/item/embroidery-100-sewing-stiches-with-fabrics/7337171?WT.ac=sear ch_item&WT.seg_1=search_item&WT.z_author=joiaco )  - how to make such one? I guess it's simple but cannot find right settings for bevel and emboss, gradients etc.


      I hope sincerely to the help from more experienced users, cause it seems nobody in the web knows that trick and I don't know where else I can ask this question. I use Photoshop CS4.

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          The Fill Path and Stroke Path options in the path palette will use whatever is the current brush and fill setting, which includes any brush size and scaling modifications. Beyond that this strikes me as something that would benefit a lot from having a graphics tablet with pen options set to use pressure and tilt angle to define the directions of the pattern. the actually stitches are probably scanned in some way from real stuff. Would be easy enough to make a few stitches through paper and scan them, then cut them out and define them as brushes and patterns. Even the Stroke layer style can hold a specific pattern... It's definitely possible, but of course I guess the magic is all in the actions or possibly even scripts he uses. E.g. I would imagine that some of the strokes are done by continually shrinking the selections/ paths and stroking them repeatedly until the area is filled.