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    Adobe Premiere platform dependency limit

    alessandro.ricci Level 1


      we have developed a set of Premiere extensions and a plug-in to interact with the application. We are facing a problem to open a project created on Windows in a Mac system, and viceversa. In fact, if the project links any asset from shared folder, Premiere stores inside its XML the platform dependent path of the asset: it would be, for example, something like \\storagename\dir\assetname.mp4 on Windows, and /Volumes/dir/assetname.mp4 on Mac.

      Opening the project in the platform different from the one it has been created, it complains about missing assets, asking the user to set them offline rather then relocate them by hand.

      The question is if it is possible by code (by extensions or by plug-in) to automatically relocate the asset to be compliant to any platform.

      Which is the Adobe position to manage a project that has to be open on different platforms?

      Thank you in advance.