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    wishes: "back button" and "Lock color"

      Hi Kulers,

      First, Kuler rocks. I am buiding a new website, and I am starting using kuler to help choose the color. Kuler rocks!

      I have couple of wishes.

      1) "Back Button": I would like to have a "back and next button" on top of the Color chooser. It will basically allow me to navigate through my history (not my saved ones, but my session ones).

      2) "Lock Colors": Sometime I would like to "lock a color" while I modify the others. Similar to the "Analogous" rule but for other rules as well.

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          Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
          Hello, thanks for the kudos and ideas. For #2, have you tried the Custom rule? That lets you move the colors independently (though a color isn't really locked). Sami
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            Regarding #2...

            I was just looking for a tool that would let me for instance put in TWO colors and then get options, based on the mathematical relationship between them, get third, fourth, and fifth options...

            So the flow would go like this:

            - enter base color
            - mod a generated color by customizing it
            - "lock" the newly tweeked color, so that we now have a base and a locked and modified second color
            - let kuler come up with 3rd, 4th, and 5th color options based on the relationship between base and 2nd color

            The reason this would be useful is that many times I, and others I'm quite sure, have 2 colors that we picked out that work together, but that did NOT come from a direct compliment. Take a dark blue and a lime green. How would you generate a nice neutral tan to go with them? At this point, by eye, but there has to be a mathematical relationship between the 2 odd pair of colors (dark blue and lime green) and a neutral tan.

            All the color tools I've found so far are color wheel based, as it were. Direct compliments, literal triads, etc. How difficult would it be to break out of that direct math and "bend the rules"?

            It's a bit like the blues. It's the bent notes that fall outside of - completely outside of - the 12 tone western scale that gives the blues their "feel" and "color". We need a color matching system that can generate what the "bent notes" look like. Right now, we are stuck on the piano playing Mozart, but would love to get some Hendrix in there.
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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
              Ah, that is an interesting request. I can see the workflow as you describe it, but is it still a color harmony then? Is this where the subjective part comes in?
              Great music analogy, BTW. More Hendrix would be fun.

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                dbonneville Level 1
                When doing design work for a client, there are often established branding colors, 1, maybe 2. 2 colors is very common. So when you are given 2 pms colors and a mandate to redo a website or print piece, how do you choose the other colors? There aren't tools so much as intuition, common sense, and lots of books, google, etc. to refer to. When you look at interior paint catalogs and samples, I often marvel at the clever combinations. It's never earth shattering - there are only so many colors and hues and tints - but you can't get those clever combinations by using any tools I'm aware of. It would be great to have a tool to help assist. There has to be math behind those unlikely combinations that falls outside of the "Mozart" mode and more into the "Hendrix mode".

                Example: "Here are 3 PMS colors used in our logo. Make a website with some color in the background..."